Command line: MAC vs. Windows

Windows Command Line (CMD) vs. Mac OS Terminal

This is a comparison list of common commands to navigate file-systems, including TRACER, using the command line or the terminal. More comprehensive lists can be found on the web.

Windows CMD TASK Mac OS Terminal
dir List files and folders ls
cd Full path of current folder/directory pwd
cd <path to directory> Change folder/directory cd <path to directory>
cd.. One directory up in directory tree cd ..
cd Move to root directory cd
mkdir newFolder Create new directory in current directory mkdir myFolder
echo some-text > fileName(.txt) Create new file cat > fileName(.txt)
rmdir myFolder Remove a directory* rmdir myFolder
ren oldFolderName newFolderName Rename a directory mv oldFolderName newFolderName
robocopy myFolder <path to destination directory> Copy a directory cp -r myFolder <path to destination directory>
move myFolder <path to destination directory> Move a directory mv myFolder <path to destination directory>
del myFile Remove a file* rm myFile
ren oldFileName newFileName Rename a file mv oldFileName newFileName
copy myFile <path to destination directory> Copy a file cp myFile <path to destination directory>
move myFile <path to destination directory> Move a file mv myFile <path to destination directory>
cls Clear the terminal screen clear
type myFile Concatenate and print a file cat myFile
type C:/../myFile PIPE** find "" /v /c Count lines in a file wc -l myFile

*IMPORTANT: Remove/delete command DOES NOT ask for confirmation.

**Replace PIPE with the | symbol.

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