Empty score and link files

It might happen that TRACER runs a detection successfully but produces empty .link and .score files. There are two potential reasons for this:

  1. You might have the wrong value in the Linking implementation property: INTER instead of INTRA corpus linking:

<property name="LINKING_IMPL" value="eu .etrap.tracer.linking.IntraCorpusLinkingImpl "/>

  1. Your ID numbering might be incorrect. Again, in the Linking section of the configuration file, you’ll notice the following property:

<property name="intWorkNumbering " value ="1000000" />

The value is set to a 7-digit ID. This means that your IDs should be 7-digits long. If you would rather work with shorter digits, you must change this value in the configuration file accordingly. If possible, please avoid using IDs above 2.000.000, as these require extra steps in order to be processed.

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