This section contains a list of encountered errors with solutions. Should your TRACER error not be in this list, please report it here.

As previously mentioned, the .out file produced by TRACER when executed documents the detection process. Should a detection task fail, the .out file will show users where the process stopped allowing them to more easily locate the source of the error. Users familiar with Java may wish to consult TRACER's Javadoc to help locate errors. To do so, navigate to your TRACER folder in the terminal and type ant javadoc. Open the generated index.html file in a browser to see all TRACER classes and packages.

This Troubleshooting section lists errors encountered by users and their respective solutions.

General recommendation

Should none of the solutions in this page work for you or if you can't figure out what the error might be, the general recommendation is to always delete any existing TRACER_DATA folder (which stores the results of previous analyses) before running new analyses. Why? Because it could be that existing computed files are creating conflicts with the settings you changed for a new analysis.

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